Monday, 25th February 2013 at 17:59

A girl i am freinds with posted a status with the joke, something along the lines of, “you aren’t fake tanned, you look like you got dorito raped.” I asked her to delete it because it was inappropriate and she lashed out and told me to ‘fuck off’. So I posted something about it on facebook and this was the result.

  1. euphgottafriendinme said: omfg i’m choking on the ignorance
  2. king-grandma said: u go grrl
  3. collumns said: honestly you’re fb friends with some of the most ignorant people i’ve ever seen holy fucking shit tiffany i’m so sorry
  4. klaufiwodensson said: All these fucking people are so dumb. Especially Dylan. He’s such an idiot.
  5. please-n-thanks-mainblog said: :-( ugh. I’m……ugh. awful. I’m sorry.
  6. whojackman said: OH MY GOD I AM ENRAGED
  7. r-obertsmith posted this